Beefer® XL

The Beefer XL really is a Big Boy. It is the perfect device for extended families, outdoor kitchens, or people who simply like to party and enjoy perfect steaks in an elevated manner. The XL is powered by two High Performance Ceramic Heater Elements…allowing more Beefing room for numerous steaks or proteins at the same time – and all this with stunning 1500 degrees – WOW!

The Beefer®

The Beefer is the perfect device for grilling enthusiasts who want to become a steak perfectionist. Big enough for a wide variety of beef, its high performance ceramic heater element will convert an ordinary steak into an awesome indulgence… And yes, it’s perfectly capable to handle ALL of your favorite proteins!

Beefer® XL Chef

The Beefer XL Chef is the perfect device for Chefs and cooking professionals. It has been developed to suit professional needs in every sense, including two high performance ceramic heater elements that can be regulated separately.  This enables chefs to create two Beefing zones, one that can be really hot (like 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit) and another one that provides maximum heat at 1,500 degrees. Also available for natural Gas (NG)

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Premium Steakhouse Quality for your Home. Yes, right NOW.

1500 degrees

Create breathtaking flavours.

The Beefer®

As versatile as your taste.

The Pros Swear By It. And You Will Love it, too.

It’s no secret that grillmasters love playing with fire. But with The Beefer — the only grill approved for private and professional use that achieves temperatures of 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit — there’s a whole new trend about to begin. We will call it a taste explosion! Because now, super hot cuisine is available at home for your guests — or for a more convenient professional use! Add in its functional, modern design with stainless steel, and you’ll see why “Beefing” is about to start a new rage in cooking. Hundreds of Professionals in Europe have already discovered the enormous bandwidth of The Beefer in their kitchens. They say it has pushed their menu development with new, exciting options. YOU will agree as you excite the taste buds of everyone in your home!

Maximum taste develops within seconds. It’s crunchy and juicy – with no compromise. It’s what we call “Beefing.”

Preparing meat using The Beefer is all about reaching the perfect benchmark. While a conventional grill cooks meat over a longer period of time at 600-700 degrees or less, The Beefer caramalizes meat within seconds with 1,500 degrees of heat – creating the perfect steak every time! Many customers told us that they didn’t know the difference — until they used The Beefer! This is the future of grilling. Only, we call it “Beefing.” And we invite you to try it yourself.

So much more than just a simple broiler

  • no fat dripping into fire
  • no dangerous flue gases form
  • perfect results with evenly distributed heat from top
  • offers different heat zones for beef, fish and vegges
  • very fast heating up and ready to go
  • maximum taste within seconds due to 1,500° burner(s)
  • crunchy and juicy – with no compromise
  • premium steakhouse quality for your home
  • developed and handcrafted in Germany
  • easy to clean after usage

The Beefer® - simply the best for steaks and Co.

Owning a Beefer is something very special. Not only because we invented the first 1,500°F Infrared Grill for your home, but because we also offer plenty of durable accessories that make a Beefer a terrific pizza oven, a luxury burger roaster, a fabulous fish grill and much more. The Beefer is a complete system for gourmets and not just any grill. Welcome to the world famous Beefer Family.

Lean back, watch and enjoy this: 
“Beefing” at its best.

The Beefer works exclusively with top heat and achieves temperatures of approx. 1,500°F that are basically unknown for conventional grills on the market. This is made possible by a ceramic high-performance gas burner. Besides the short cooking time that enables the perfect sear, a particular advantage of the Beefer is how the top heat causes meat juices to drip below. The juices are then caught in a gastro tray and can be used to prepare delicious sauces or side dish flavoring. The extremely high temp on the surface of the grilled meat leads to a form of caramelization, resulting in a crisp crust on the outside, and a succulent, juicy inside.

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