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The Beefer – Engineered and handcrafted in Germany

It all began in a legendary restaurant in Brooklyn: the Peter Luger Steakhouse. This is where Frank Hecker didn’t just eat any old steak, it was THE steak. A mundane meal it was not; it was an epiphany. Frank Hecker, being quite a smart chap, thought to himself that this experience could not be allowed to be a one-time deal. No way. He wanted to enjoy this divine moment as often as possible during his earthly existence. So, he resolved to find out the secret behind THE steak.

Innovation – Made in Germany.

The Beefer Headquarter is based in the “Seven Hills region” near Bonn, the former capital of Germany. All the housing components as well as the burner are produced in the region. The Beefer is also assembled and inspected exclusively by hand here, in our manufactory in Bad Honnef and in the “Bonn Workshops”. This also forms part of our philosophy of ‘moving from quantity to quality’. The Beefer has changed the BBQ Scene a lot – this is what we intended: The Beefer: A perfect Tool for perfect food. Since 2018 we also are located in Atlanta Georgia to be closer to our american friends…

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Maximum taste within seconds. Crunchy and juicy – with no compromise.

Beefer 1500 degrees perfection broiler high temperature

Preparing meat using The Beefer is all about reaching the perfect benchmark. While a conventional grill cooks meat over a longer period of time at 750 degrees or less, The Beefer caramelizes meat within seconds with 1,500 degrees of heat – creating the perfect steak every time! Many customers told us that they didn’t know the difference — until they used The Beefer! This is the future of grilling. Only, we call it “Beefing.” And we invite you to try it yourself.


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Beefer at Worldfood Championship Dallas Texas

The stakes for the 7th Annual World Food Championships (WFC) were at an all-time high last November with more than 1,500 chefs, home cooks and pro cook teams battling it out for over $350,000 in cash and prizes. In addition to the main event, WFC offered competitors a chance to win some extra cash through various ancillary challenges.

For 2018, WFC partnered with the Beefer® Original to offer Steak competitors a shot at extra cash through its ancillary contest. Beefer® is a German-based company that produces a top-down searing machine generating a stunning 1,500 degrees of Fahrenheit heat within minutes.

Steak competitors who finished 6th through 10th, under SCA rules, had a chance to redeem themselves. They were tasked with winning over a panel of four E.A.T.™ certified judges with their Beefer® dish, including Beefer® inventor, Frank Hecker. The competitors were provided two choice Angus ribeye steaks and were required to pair their creation with at least one vegetable.

The Beefer® Challenge took place after both opening rounds for the Steak category on Thursday and Friday. The top three finishers in each fleet took a home cash prize for their performance (First place: $300, Second place: $200, Third place: $100). The challenge winners also received their very own Beefer®.

Here are the results for the Beefer Challenge:

DAY 1 Results:

  • First Place: Caroline Guys
  • Second Place: Robert Perkins
  • Third Place: IJ Hinojos

DAY 2 Results:

  • First Place: Chuck Edwards
  • Second Place: Emily Williams
  • Third Place: Brenda Zweifel

Stay tuned to learn about WFC’s ancillary challenges that will be featured at the main event in Dallas, Texas, Oct. 16-20. In the meantime, follow the World Food Championships on Twitter (@WorldFoodChamp), Facebook and Instagram (@WorldFoodChampionships) for more Food Sport updates.

Credits: Content taken from Official WFC Site