BBQ, Beer, & Beefer – Your Ultimate Guide for The Best Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a day dedicated to celebrating true American pride. A day where we gather together, a day where American flags fly proudly outside our homes and a day when we honor with grateful hearts all of those who gave their lives serving in the U.S. Armed Forces to protect this great country of ours. Memorial Day is also the unofficial kick-off to summer which means one thing: it is the beginning of the great American BBQ Season. Whether you’re in a small town or large city, up north, down south, on the east coast or the west coast, this is the weekend to show off your grilling skills. The Beefer is the only grill that will deliver perfect results for all of your BBQ recipes. It is the perfect tool for perfect food, guaranteed every single time.

The Only Weather-Proof Grill:

We all know that Memorial Day Weekend weather doesn’t always cooperate, especially depending upon where in the states you reside. However, a little disagreement in the weather won’t stop the American people from grilling. But what happens when it starts storming so hard outdoors not even the bravest griller is willing to struggle with excessive amounts of lighter fluid to get their grill to ignite? With The Beefer, weather is no longer a concern. You can easily move the very transportable grill indoors and still achieve that professional, restaurant-grade savory taste without it raining on your parade. No other grill allows you to even entertain that option. Grill on!    

Ramping Up the Flavor:

Every American home has its favorite traditional recipes passed down through the generations, but to make any meal great, the most important thing is finding those flavorful cuts of meat and freshest of veggies that keep those old traditional recipes bold and delectable. Nothing says backyard BBQ like a juicy, classic beef burger, grilled to perfection BBQ chicken breast, smokey baby-back pork ribs slathered in your favorite mopping sauce and some good ole’ corn on the cob. We’ve even got a way to make you look forward to salads –try brushing some whole Romaine hearts with an herb-infused oil and grill them up in your Beefer for a smokey flavor-enhanced salad and toss some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and a simple vinaigrette dressing that will get everyone asking for seconds! Not only can all your meats and veggies be cooked to perfection with The Beefer, but they will also be ready to serve in no time with its intense 1500 degrees of nearly instant heat. 

Grilling with Beer & The Beefer

No true American cookout is complete without some beer. But did you know beer is not just for drinking – it’s for grilling with too! Believe it or not, beer is so versatile and can be used as a substitute in many of your favorite recipes. Everyone has heard of beer-can chicken, and although we don’t recommend sticking a can of beer inside The Beefer, you can still use it as a liquid seasoning booster in marinades, BBQ sauces, glazes, and rubs. Beer is much less acidic than wine and citrus juices and because of its alcohol content it has the unique ability to tenderize the meat and help to break down some of the tough tissues for a melt-in-your-mouth meal in every bite. 

Grilling with a Beefer will not only allow you to cook the best BBQ food you have ever tasted, but it will also save you so much time with its intense heating capabilities – cooking is fast, and clean-up is even faster. That means more time for the cook to spend with their friends and family. So, get those recipes ready and grab your Beefer to make this year’s Memorial Day Weekend the most memorable yet!

By Sarah Bonacci

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