Good news for those who love perfect steaks and all the other tasty proteins prepared with the 1,500°F beefer® machine: Maybe, The weather changes, the outdoor grilling season is coming to an end, say goodbye to your outdoor grills and invite The Beefer in your kitchen! Yes you can. Just because.

Since September of this year,  two models of the Beefer product range have been approved as regular kitchen appliances. So The Beefer and Beefer XL Chef are also usable inside the house. For everyone who loves the perfection of Steaks broiled with stunning 1,500° F. and doesn’t want to miss the unique taste of this awesome crusts.  Please read the advices below for a safe operation.

  • When using The Beefer indoors be prepared for potential spattering, smoke, or other “usual” side effects of cooking. 
  • Due to the enormous heat – there might be little more smoke than with a skillet or any conventional oven.
  • Ensure, the grease filters of your hood are clean, the grease inside the filters could otherwise begin to burn.
  • Leave enough space around The Beefer to the top (15″) and side walls (12″).
  • Turn on your hood and set it to High Power from the moment you are firing up The Beefer!
  • A suction device that only circulates the air must not be used – the air must be removed to the outside.
  • Care for the supply of fresh air.
  • Ensure a secure state of the device!
  • Keep Children away from the device even after turning off the device (even the sidewalls and the front get very hot)!
  • You can easily run The Beefer with a 1 lb propane bottle. You will need an adapter for this connection.

Visit us in Dallas

oct 16-20

Again Beefer® is an official partner of the World Food Championship this year in Dallas, TX. Meet the entire fabulous Beefer team and see how the Beefer, with its breathtaking 1,500 degrees, creates the best steaks in the world. NO: Do not just watch – just try!



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