Pat LaFrieda, the Maestro of Meat’ uses his Beefer XL Chef to sear his favorite recipe to perfection! In the back of his truck….

Source: CBS Saturday Morning ShowPat LaFrieda on expanding his meat empire. Master butcher Pat LaFrieda turned his family butcher shop into a world-renowned purveyor of beef. But staying on top isn’t easy…Pat LaFrieda uses our Beefer XL Chef to sear with incredible 1,500 degrees top down to perfection! See Beefer scene from 4:10′ on…

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Beefer Twin Pro - 1500 Degrees Grill

The Beefer Twin Pro is there!

Delivery of the Beefer Twin Pro will be on a first-come, first-served basis directly from the German Manufactory starting in mid-September 2022. The variant with

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