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This Beefer Grill Is Hot As Hell

Due to its unique design and high performance ceramic burner, LP gas-powered Beefer Grills can reach volcanic, steak searing temperatures up to 1500º fahrenheit—nearly 3X hotter than conventional gas grills. The Beefer’s super-hot temps ensure short cook times, maximum carmelization, and restaurant-quality results every time.

Beefer High-Temperature Grill

Aging aside, the difference between the steakhouse and your home comes down to heat. Achieve restaurant-quality results in your backyard with the Beefer High-Temperature Grill. This gas-powered appliance can hit temps of 1,500º F, searing and caramelizing your steak while the top-mounted ceramic burner lets you collect the drippings for use in sauces. It can be easily disassembled for dishwasher cleaning, is available in two sizes, and is handcrafted in Germany.

Beefer: This Grill Can Heat Up To 1500 Degrees Fahrenheit

Many home grills can achieve temperatures between 500 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit. While that’s good enough to effectively cook steaks, higher temperatures will definitely produce better results for cooking. That’s exactly what the Beefer brings to your grilling arsenal.

A high-temperature gas grill, the device can heat up to a whopping 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, caramelizing your meat within seconds to create the perfect sear every time. That’s more than twice the temperature of what traditional gas and charcoal grills can achieve, allowing you to grill steaks, fish, and other meats like never before. According to the outfit, that high heat won’t just cook your meat faster, but more efficiently as well, producing what they claim to be “steakhouse quality” meats right from the comfort of your home.

Unlike traditional grills, the Beefer comes in a form factor that more closely resembles countertop appliances, consisting of a single box that you can set down on a table. Instead of a heating element at the bottom like standard grills, it’s equipped with a ceramic heater on top that sends the heat down towards, allowing you to slip in a tray at the base to catch all the dripping juices. That way, you can collect all those juices afterwards to use in your gravy, sauces, and side dishes.

When cooking, you set down steaks and any other food items on removable grates that can be slid inside the main chamber, placing it at any of 10 height levels, so you can control how close the food will sit to the heating element. This design allows you to cook multiple food items at different levels, so you can have a big slab of steak searing on top while your vegetables bathe in its juices right below it.

The Beefer is powered using propane gas with an electric ignition (it has a AA battery slot for that), so it should be just as convenient as any gas grill you’ve seen in people’s backyards. It comes with two removable grates, so you can cook two food items in one go, with a stainless steel housing ensuring it’s durable enough to withstand the busiest backyard barbecues. The grates, by the way, along with the included trays, can be thrown in the dishwasher for cleaning, while you should be able to wipe down the rest of the appliance to clean it once it has sufficiently cooled down.

Three models of the grill are available: Beefer, Beefer XL, and Beefer XL Chef. The first one is the standard grill, with a single heating element, while the second one doubles the size with dual-heating elements situated side-by-side. Both of those models are designed strictly for outdoor use. The last one is a professional version of the XL aimed at restaurants, combining the dual heating elements with individual heat regulators, along with a design that makes it suitable for use inside the kitchen.

Want one? Pricing is set at $899, $1599, and $2399 for the Beefer, the Beefer XL, and the Beefer XL Chef, respectively.

Beefer High-Temperature Grill

Baking specifically, and cooking more generally is a lot like chemistry. Change one variable and you’ll get drastically different results. That special change that Beefer Grill offers? Crazy high temperatures.
Thanks to its ceramic high performance gas burner, this outdoor grill can get up to temperatures of 1,500-degrees Fahrenheit. And trust us when we say that means a whole lot more than a short cook time. Toss some steak in the grill when it is firing on all cylinders and you’ll get a cut with a caramelized exterior and a juicy interior. Additionally, grillers will capture a lot of juice from the meat in the gastro tray at the bottom of the griller, making it easy to save for sauces. The Beefer Grill comes in this smaller size, as well as the Beefer XL and Beefer XL Chef for those who are dead serious about whipping up amazing backyard meals this summer.

This German-Engineered Machine Sears Steak Better than Any Grill or Skillet

The quality of a sear is dependent on temperature and the presence (or lack of presence) of moisture. When you’re making a steak, you want the deepest sear you can get without literally burning the exterior or overcooking the interior. Tossing a steak in a cast-iron skillet with a little oil makes a fine steak, as does a gas or charcoal grill on max heat. But cast-iron skillets are only going to get so hot before breaching your cooking oil’s smoke point, and gas grills are typically not going higher than 650 to 700 degrees on the high end. If you’re looking to reach Maillard nirvana, turn to the new Beefer grills.

The Beefer differentiates itself in many ways — that is to say, it’s not what most would consider a grill, by traditional standards. The two primary differences are its heat potential and where the heat is coming from. It can be dialed up to a walloping 1500 degrees, at least double that of gas grills, and significantly greater than even top-tier charcoal grills. Not as sexy but equally useful is the machine’s top-down heating system, rather than the typical bottom-up style of campfires and grills of old. This means it works a lot like a more specifically-designed salamander broiler that’s used in many professional kitchens to quickly add a char to a wide range of dishes. Due to the Beefer’s vertical design, though, there’s a drip tray that catches the jus coming off the meat, meaning the base of a steak sauce that’s not A1 isn’t so far off and you eliminate the risk of flare-ups that occur on traditional grills.

Starting at $899 for the smallest model and running all the way to $2399 for the largest, the Beefer won’t come cheap. But for the steak-serious it may just be worth it.

Turn Your Kitchen into a High-End Steakhouse with this Countertop Grill

What’s the difference between a conventional grill and the German-made, steak-cooking beast known as Beefer? About a thousand degrees of cooking temperature, that’s what.

Yes, the Beefer grill can reach up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is, according to the makers of Beefer, high enough to quickly caramelize and sear the exterior of a beautifully aged steak, all while maintaining consistent heat and a medium-rare interior. But, the really innovative feature in Beefer is the use of top-down heat.

Emanating from a ceramic burner, the 1,500 degrees of heat blasts your meat directly from the top, meaning any juices, fat, or other flavors that come out of meat and would normally fall on the flames or burners of traditional grills are contained within the cooking tray — no lost flavor lost and no heavy smoke. All these collected juices are perfect for creating sauces for both steaks and side dishes. Au jus, anyone?

Priced at $899 for the original Beefer and up to $2,400 for the Beefer XL Chef, home cooks might be inclined to pass this appliance, but when you think about the fact that some regular gas grills exceed prices of $2,000, Beefer starts to look more and more like a better deal. Add to that the money you’ll save by cooking steakhouse-quality cuts of meat at home and Beefer suddenly becomes a realistic prospect. To top it all off, Beefer’s totally removable internal parts are super easy to clean — a rinse with soap and water or a run through the dishwasher is all they need (no more cleaning grill grates!).

The Beefer is powered by propane gas and can be used both indoors and out, so don’t worry if you’re kitchen isn’t big enough to fit this bad boy, your backyard will do just fine.

If thinking about steak cooked in the Beefer has made your mouth water, wet your whistle with the perfect cocktail to pair with steak: the Manhattan.

The Beefer High-Temperature Grill is for the Sear-ious Griller

Not knowing how to cook a good steak to perfection warrants instant revocation of your man-card. That’s why if you’re a total dope in the kitchen, you might need the Beefer High-Temperature Grill. For some “sear-ious” grilling (sorry), you need the right approach and the right temperature. The German-designed heating unit hits the perfect grilling temperature—1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Gas grills typically only reach between 500 to 600 degrees, far below that optimum temperature. Additionally, unlike gas or charcoal grills, the Beefer uses top-down heat. The top mounted ceramic burner results in the fats and juices not being sacrificed to the flames below. Instead, they are captured in the meat, giving you a more flavorful and juicy steak. What juices do escape are caught in a tray to be used for sauces. Additionally, that intense, top-down heat creates the perfect crust on your steak, giving it just the right texture.

Of all the parts of grilling, cleaning is the most heinous. Not with the Beefer. The interior parts are all detachable and dishwasher safe. Just pull them out, clean with a mild detergent and warm water, and put them in the dishwasher. Badda-bing, you’re done.

And it’s not just steak that you’ll be enjoying with the Beefer (although, what else do you really need?). You can cook seafood, lamb, chicken—whatever you need to please your guests.

With typical German efficiency, this hand-made high-temperature grill will have you being the hero of the backyard barbeque scene.

The ‘Beefer’ Beef Grill Creates Restaurant-Quality Meats

The ‘Beefer’ beef grill has been created with simplicity and efficiency in mind to provide users with a way to prepare their favorite meats from home with restaurant quality. The German-designed grill is capable of reaching temperatures as high as 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it ideal for preparing steaks. The integrated drain tray captures the juices and fat that comes off the meat rather than simply allowing it to burn off, which can then be used to create gravies and sauces to ensure all aspects of your meal are covered.

The ‘Beefer’ beef grill is integrated with a ceramic heating element that will maintain optimal heat when in use, while the other components in the mix are easily cared for by simply tossing them in the dishwasher.