Beefer Carry Bag


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With this bag you can take your Beefer® everywhere with you wherever you want to beef: on the beach, at the camping, or at the neighbor, who still cooks steaks at low temperatures on his old charcoal or gas grill – show him how to do it right! Beef it with 1,500 degrees!

The Beefer carry bag has two practical storage compartments on one side with velcro to accommodate useful and indispensable accessories, is washable inside and overall very robust. Handles to carry or a strap for the shoulder – the choice is yours.

Included is a small additional bag that fits exactly in front of the front of Beefer One or Beefer One Pro. Here, for example, the gas hose with pressure reducer and other accessories can be safely stowed – whatever you like – in this bag everything will surely find its place …

Happy beefing – wherever you like!

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Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs

Visit us in Dallas

oct 16-20

Again Beefer® is an official partner of the World Food Championship this year in Dallas, TX. Meet the entire fabulous Beefer team and see how the Beefer, with its breathtaking 1,500 degrees, creates the best steaks in the world. NO: Do not just watch – just try!



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